Great to have Luther Vandross back. Hey, even though the finals sucked, the tourney was pretty incredible.


Wait, seriously? It can’t be possibly end like this. It’s kind of like when you’re out in the back and won’t go inside for dinner until you hit your last shot. Hell, I’m not going back in until the shot looks perfect. That means a swishhhh from downtown. And if my backyard shootout doesn’t finish with perfection from Jimmer range, it just feels plain wrong. My mojo is off for the rest of day… that is until I get to see the sweet glimmering gel once again in Pauly D’s hair.
But I can’t. The esteemed third season of Jersey Shore is over. And now the NCAA basketball season is over. I’m sorry but the Jersey Shore reunion show just isn’t the same as Vinnie’s fist-pumping, and (to keep the analogy going) the post game “highlights of the UConn and Butler certainly don’t cut it.

It’s sad that this is the last impression left by the college hoops this year. I’m not trying to discount the Huskies’ and Bulldogs’ seasons, but the championship game was a joke. This certainly was not “one shining moment”. Butler’s stifling D didn’t really allow Kemba Walker to be Kemba, and the combination of Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard were just awful. Jeremy Lamb had a rejuvenating second half, but the king of the court on the last Monday night of college basketball was Alex Oriakhi. He had the game’s only double-double and shot an efficient 5 of 6 from the floor. Not to mention he DOMINATED his match-up between the experienced Howard. Oriakhi’s size and strength led to his 4 blocks and supremacy on the defensive end.

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